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House Floor Plan Design - Taking Control Of The Building Process
One of the most wonderful things about house floor plan design is that the floor plans can be tailored to suit individual or family needs. House plans can be modified based on a standard modular design or custom drafted by an architect.

Obviously, the custom drafted house floor plan design is going to be the more costly option. If you have specific design requests, however, an architectual draft might be better able to serve your needs. Modifying a standard modular design can be accomplished with relative ease, but the modifications available may somewhat limited.

Another option exists for the hands on do-it-yourself type person. A number of house floor plan software programs exist to help design everything from house blueprints and landscapes to interior design layouts. Plumbing and electrical layouts can also be added to these computer drawn designs.

Regardless of which option you choose, when deciding on your house floor plan design the flow of house traffic should be an important consideration. The following questions should be asked when planning the layout of your new home:

1. Which room does the family congregate in most when they are together? Some families gather in the living room or den while others gravitate more toward the kitchen or possibly even the patio in the back yard.

2. Which door do family members use most when entering or leaving the home? While most families use the front door, there are some who prefer the garage door or a side entrance.

3. How close should the secondary bedrooms be in relation to the master suite? Couples with small children may choose to build the bedrooms closer together in order to avoid long trips down the hall in the middle of the night. Couples with teenagers at home may elect to build the children's bed rooms at the opposite end of the house to the master suite. This approach will cut down on the noise level.

House floor plan design can be used at every stage of the building process to make certain that the completed home has the look, feel, and functionality that will serve well for years to come.

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